The Birth of Parker Howley & Co

Born and bred in Yorkshire, Richard, a highly aspirational and talented young man, grew up from humble beginnings and developed an enthusiasm of craftsmanship and creativity. The dream consisted of one day embarking in business to put his considerable skills to the ultimate test.

His ambition began with a love of design, carpentry and in creating the unique. This led to the birth of a personal, bespoke and highly-tailored service in 2012 where sustainability and authenticity prevailed, where an unrivalled pursuit of excellence and integrity shone through in his drive to create standout furniture at the highest level in and around the Yorkshire area.

Richard’s innovative furniture designs began to cause ripples in the bespoke furniture world, creating a loyal client base that transcended his Yorkshire homelands. Word had reached London and the surrounding areas of Parker Howley & Co, considered far and wide as an ethical and original company who were thriving by offering luxury furniture that not only excelled the quality of their southern competition, but came without the overpricing associated with the phrase “Bespoke Furniture” in London.

Born from a dream that began in Richard’s garage, Parker Howley & Co are now renowned not just in the UK, but worldwide, as Mastercraft furniture designers who have stayed true to their core beliefs of UK sourced raw materials, natural timber, and authenticity in the industry that is simply unparalleled.

What Makes Parker Howley & Co Different?

Quite simply, when we say “fully bespoke,” we sincerely mean it and if it isn’t possible, we will tell you with full and open honesty.

The core standards ingrained in Parker Howley & Co from day one are that all of our products should be sourced right here in the UK. They ensure absolutely everything is done in-house by their team of creatives and craftsmen, and that all materials where possible are 100% natural.

Richard has gone against the grain from day one with their extremely customer-led service. You may fall in love with their timeless yet contemporary portfolio but may wish to make small alterations to reflect the uniqueness of your home through their bespoke services.

From Vision to Reality

The Process

The most vital element of all new projects is ensuring our vision is aligned with yours.

Once you and our team have decided on a design that you believe will bring many years of appreciation into your home, we begin to breathe life into your piece!

Phase 1 – We meticulously cut our pieces of tulipwood and oak (if you have chosen oak as your top of course). Your wood is then assembled using the most durable and robust jointing technique known to carpentry.

Phase 2 – Our filling and sanding experts then artfully transform your natural wooden frame into a smooth, stunning piece of furniture that is now primed for its first coat of paint.

Phase 3 – Once the first coat has had time to dry, fine sand is applied to remove any remaining stubborn roughness.

Phase 4 – Your furniture will then be given its second and third coats of paint.

Phase 5 – Once dry, our professional fitters will then complete your piece with your drawers, doors, handles, and soft closures.

The Grand Finale! – We now send you photos of your completed design, wrap it with precision and delicacy and your furniture is now ready to make its way to its new home.

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