Who are Parker Howley & Co.?

Established in 2012, changed names in 2018, still creating the same wonderful pieces of furniture today! We are a fairly small team of carpenters and craftsmen, meaning attention to detail is second to none and personal service is un-paralleled, compared to the larger more corporate companies in the country.

Once you have been in touch with us, you are part of the family and are treated as such. Our designers and craftsmen will be on hand personally to discuss your ideas with you to give you the confidence that your ideas can be turned into reality.

We pride ourselves in using 100% raw materials, building our units fully in house right here in God’s own country, Yorkshire. Nothing is bought in pre-built or imported from China, or any other country, to cut corners.

We also pride ourselves heavily on using 100% natural timber products, where it is possible, for a number of reasons; firstly because of its unique appearance and individuality, and secondly because of principal; wood is natural, sustainable, renewable, versatile and the manmade version doesn’t quite cut it for us.

What we do.

The long and short of it is, we create furniture; stunning, unique, individual pieces of furniture!

What separates us from anyone else in the market is that we offer a fully bespoke service, where you are able to tailor everything you see in our designs or any new designs that has caught your eye, from paint colour to handle choice, dimensions to stone top material.

You are essentially a designer of your own piece of furniture, where you are managing your own furniture build project and we are your team of creators.

The process.

We discuss your ideas with you and keep you involved in the process from the idea phase all the way through to completion. Once your order is agreed, we set about creating your design from the get-go.

The first step in the process is to cut up pieces of tulipwood and oak (if you have chosen oak as your top of course). Once the wood is cut, it is then assembled using the strongest jointing technique known to carpentry.

The assembled piece is then sent to the filling and sanding team who artfully turn the natural wooden frame into a smooth and beautiful piece of furniture, ready for its first coat of paint.

Once your furniture has been given its first coat of paint and has had time to dry, a fine sand is applied to remove any last stubborn bits of roughness. Your furniture will then be given its second and third coats of paint.

When the piece is dry, our fitters will then fit your drawers, doors, handles and soft closures. Once fully fitted, we will send you photos of your completed design and it will be safely wrapped up, ready for dispatch.

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